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Whether you're a player, coach, manager or referee, you can find all of the resources you need to participate in Jersey FA Cups & Competitions here. The Jersey FA  and Jersey Football Combination work together to organise and support a number of Cups and competitions throughout the year.

  • Alex Scott Cup
  • Brian Beckett Cup
  • Charity Cup
  • Colin Welsh Trophy
  • Cory Cup
  • Dave Melton Memorial Trophy
  • Dog Club Cup
  • Eric Amy Cup
  • G4S Cup
  • Jayson Lee Memorial Trophy
  • Lady Bingham Cup
  • Le Riche Cup
  • President's Trophy
  • Richie Brocken Memorial Cup
  • Touzel Cup
  • Tradesmen's Trophy
  • Tregear Cup
  • Trinity Shield
  • Wheway Cup
  • Willis Cup
  • Zenith Cup
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