Jersey Combination Flexi Football

Flexi football recognizes that people love the 11-a-side game but they want a version of the game that suits their lifestyle.

Jersey Football Combination Flexi Football League

The Jersey Football Combination wish to encourage a range of local companies to join our new Flexi Football League. Flexi Football allows adult players to play a version of 11 a side football that is fast, social and enjoyable – all the good bits of the game in a condensed format. It allows people to maintain or rediscover their love of playing the 11 a side game alongside other work, family, education or leisure commitments.

What is a Flexible Football league?

 A typical Flexi Football Leagues take place at a central venue, artificial pitch, and teams play 25 minutes each-way. It features repeat substitutions – allowing the involvement of all players and those with varying levels of fitness. Leagues of 8 teams play twice a month, generally midweek and the whole competition is completed within 20 weeks of fixtures. Although games are competitive most players involved do so for fitness and social reasons and there is friendly atmosphere with very few disciplinary issues. Sin Bins are used by referees instead of yellow cards.

Team administration in Flexible Football is kept as simple as possible, allowing team managers to focus on recruiting and fielding a team. Flexible Football is however not just a ‘kick about’ – It is proper organised football. When players turn up they see a high quality pitch, FA qualified Referees, and a competition that is well run and enjoyable.

If you would like to be apart of the new Jersey Combination Flexi Football League Contact:

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