Jersey Combination Womens Football

Combination Clubs, Grouville FC, JTC Jersey Wanderers FC, St.Lawrence FC, St.Pauls FC and St.Peter FC all run teams for Women 16+

Jersey Women Combination Football Teams (16+)

At current there are five clubs that offer senior competitive women's football in Jersey Grouville, JTC Jersey Wanderers, St Peter, St Lawrence and St Paul's had teams in the women’s league.

The Womens League consists of 12 fixtures and two cup competitions.

If you would like to be apart of women's football in Jersey here is a list of contacts. For youth or mini soccer for girls please contact us here at the Jersey FA.

Grouville FC - Lauren Jehan - - 07797772123

JTC Jersey Wanderers - Gary Dauvin - - 07797714654

St Lawrence FC - Chris Riley - - 07829 743100

St Paul’s FC - Sara Vasse - -07797710265

St Peter FC - Tony Hoyland - - 07797783891

If you require any further information please contact our Jersey FA Community Coach