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This page provides details regarding the Jersey Football Combination & Jersey Football Association Combined Players Registration Scheme.

All players wishing to play open-aged football for clubs affiliated to the Jersey Football Combination, Jersey FA and Jersey Football Combination representative teams in age groups Under 11 and above must, every season, firstly register with the Jersey Football Combination. Jersey Football Association Player Registration Schemes and must pay an Annual Registration Fee (ARF) as set by the Jersey FA.

The Registration Scheme provides players with the required level of insurance cover to meet the requirements of the FA Standard Code of Rules that include a provision whereby it is mandatory for all players registered to open-aged Clubs to be members of a players’ personal accident scheme.

The Player Registration Scheme fees are:

  • Adults (Aged 18 to 35 years of age)  £35
  • Adults (Over 35 years of age)  £25
  • Juniors (Under 11 - Under 18 age groups)  £35
  • Juniors (Under 11 - Under 18 age groups) 2nd Child £25
  • Juniors (Under 11 - Under 18 age groups) 3rd Child £0

If you are over 18 and a student in full time education or attending University you will pay £15.00 per season. (You must come into the Jersey FA Office to register as a student please bring your student I.D with you)

The Terms and Conditions for the Registration Scheme can be found by following the link to Jersey FA Registration Scheme T&C's shown below. Guidance about the Player Registration Scheme and a hard copy of the Player Registration Form can be found by following the relevant links shown below.

1. Players CANNOT register after March 31st of the current season.
2. Players can re-register for their CURRENT club for the FOLLOWING season from April 1st to May 31st.
3. All players are free agents from June 1st and can register for a club of their choosing, providing that all outstanding dues have been cleared.

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  • Mid-Season Transfer requests will only be considered from the 1st September to the 31st December.
  • Players seeking a Mid-Season Transfer must obtain the necessary transfer form from the Jersey FA website or office.
  • The player must complete the transfer form, stating their reasons for requesting the transfer. 
  • Both Club Secretaries (current club and new club) must ensure that the transfer form is duly completed and signed by them and returned to the Jersey FA. It is the responsibility of the player seeking the transfer to obtain the relevant signatures and to return the form to the Jersey FA office.  (Also See 8 & 9 below)
  • The club to which the said player is transferred shall pay a fee of £10 to The Combination funds for a Mid-Season transfer.
  • Any person applying for a transfer must have been registered with The Jersey FA /Jersey Football Combination for at least fourteen days.
  • The player will be able to play with his new club once the Club Secretary (new club) has verified the change of club on the Jersey FA website.
  • Should a Club object to the transfer it should state its objections in writing to the Jersey FA and to the player concerned within seven days of receipt of the transfer form. Failure to give written objection within seven days will result in the player being deemed to have transferred and shall be deemed eligible to play for the new Club immediately.
  • In the event of a Club opposing a transfer, the Transfer Panel will hear the transfer request. The Panel will consist of not less than three members out of the seven elected at the Management Committee Meeting following the A.G.M. The Transfer Panel members must not be members of either Club that is the subject of a contested transfer. 

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