Fort Regent 5-a-Side

Fort Regent 5-aside has been operating for 40 years

Fort Regent 5-a-side

The league takes place every Wednesday evenings and it currently is comprised of four divisions with a maximum of 9 clubs in each.

Games are played  in divisional blocks with the first matches for division 1 clubs starting  at 6pm with the final games in division 4 being played at 9.30pm. there are two rounds of round robin fixtures in each division  running from late September ntil mid February. This is followed by a cup competition that starts with round- robin groups before moving into a knock out, culminating in a Final Night when semi finals and finals are played followed by a presentation to the cup and respective divisional winners.

Games are all twelve minutes each way with each team allowed to register 9 players but only eight can play on a match night.

new players are allowed throughout the season but they must be registered with the player they are replacing.

The league is administered by Fort Reagent with secretarial work undertaken by Ken Le Quesne. Ken Le Quense officiates along with fellow Jersey Football Association registered referees Steve Landick Andy Bradshaw and Nigel Hammond.

If you Would like more information contact Fort Reagent on 01534-449800