Panjab FA v Jersey FA

Match Report: Jersey FA v Panjab FA

On Sunday the 23rd of April, Jersey FA hosted Panjab FA at Springfield Stadium
Last season’s fixture between the two Associations, ended...

Jersey started the game the stronger of the two association, letting the ball do the work and maintaining possession. The first chance of the match came direct from a corner; Max Thompson almost catching out Panjab  goalkeeper Raajan Gill.

Panjab FA fought their way back into the match, and a flash of brilliance gave them the opener, a long through ball over the top of the Jersey FA defence found Panjab FA No.9 Amar Purewal,  with some excellent ball control he managed to control the ball and hit it across goal into the bottom corner to give panjab the lead.

The game then became much more even as both teams found a spark of confidence and passion, a freekick from Panjab FA was flicked on towards goal via a header, only to be pushed over the bar by a stretching Van Der Vliet.

Panjab FA began to press higher, using their fullbacks to attack. Panjab Left Back Amarvir Sandhu, overlapped down the left wing, and then cut inside launching a rifle across the goal into the opposite Stanchion, giving panjab a 2-0 lead.

Jersey FA then had the chance of the game, A burst of pace on the ball from Cavaghn Miley stopping near the penalty spot was crossed across the goalkeeper to Kieran Lester who couldn’t quite stretch enough to get anything on the ball.

The referee blew the whistle for half time, with Panjab FA two goals ahead at the break. The crowd anxious to see if Jersey FA can make up the deficit in the second half.

Both teams emerged for the second half, both making substitutions, most notable was Max Thompson had come off for Jack Boyle, hoping Boyle’s attacking playing style could jersey into the game.

Jack Boyle tried to capitalise on a 25 yard free kick, whipping the ball over the wall and across goal but only to sail inches over the bar. Down the other side catastrophe almost struck for Jersey FA as Panjab FA managed to find the back of the net again from a cross to a header, only to be disallowed for an offside call.

Jersey FA then started to overload the Panjab FA half, with only 10 minutes left a long Jack Boyle freekick was crossed into the box, for the rising Calvin Weir to flick it near the back post but not into the goal. Minutes later a long goal kick from Van Der Vliet was flicked down by Russell, Lester pouncing into action brought the ball down and accelerated towards goal, with the ball still bobbling Lester launches a Volley near the 18 yard mark, only to just hit the side netting.

The Final Whistle blew and both teams shook hands after a wonderful fixture, this time a reverse score line. Panjab FA 2 Jersey FA 0.