Safeguarding and Welfare Workshops Continue to Raise Awerness

A total of 20 attend Safeguarding an Welfare Workshop which continues to Raise Awareness.

Safeguarding Children and Welfare Workshops continue to Raise Standards

A total of 20 people attended the FA Safeguarding Children and FA Welfare Workshops recently. In partnership with the One Foundation the Jersey FA and the Jersey Football Combination League and Clubs are committed to raising standards as part of our FA Charter Standard Programme.

FA Safeguarding Children Workshop

This workshop is for everyone who works with young people focusing on making football safe. The three hour course teaches the football workforce how to promote best practice to protect young people. Candidates also learn how to recognise signs and symptoms of abuse and how to report concerns regarding child welfare.

FA Welfare Officer Workshop

The three hour workshop is mandatory for anyone taking on the role of Welfare Officer for their grassroots club or league. This workshop builds on the Safeguarding Children Workshop providing Welfare Officers with the specifics of their role; what will be required of them, how to deal with reported concerns regarding child welfare, where to go for professional support and guidance and how to access more information.

If you would be interested in attending the next FA Safeguarding Children or FA Welfare Officer Workshops click on the FA Course Box on the right hand side.

Those who attended FA Welfare Officer Workshop

- Jenny Browne
- Libby Barnett
- Jodie Botterill
- Joe Smith
- Daniel Seviour
- Paul Cottiliard
- Martyn Noel
- Alan Williams

Those who attend FA Safeguarding Children Workshop

- Darren Noble
- Nelson Ruel
- Joe Smith
- Dieter Paland
- Steve Ashton
- Dave Walsh
- Darren O’Connell
- Daniel Seviour
- Nigel Godfrey
- Darren Moon
- Steve Huckerby
- Mike Horman

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