Tickets On Sale for Hepburns 101st Muratti Vase Final

As tickets go on Sale for Jersey fans ahead of the 101st Muratti Cassidy bangs Drum ahead of cup final "Winning is Everything!" #GUEvJER

Muratti Tickets are Now on Sale

Tickets Are Now Available from the Whistle and Flag Café and the Jersey FA office located on the top floor of Springfield Call 730433. Please note this years Muratti Vase final will be held in Guernsey at Footes Lane 2pm Kick-Off.

Tickets range from Grandstand, £12, £7 Admission and £3 Concession (There is no concession available for spectators wishing to sit in the Grandstand) 

Muratti Interview with Martin Cassidy

Ahead of the Hepburn's Muratti Vase Final we met up with Jersey FA Head Coach Martin Cassidy to discuss the perpetration ahead of the 101st Muratti Vase Final.

How has your preparation gone ahead of the Hepburns 101st Muratti Vase Final?

"We have had a good run of games to get the players into a good mind set for this match. We have raised the standards in terms of teams coming to play in Jersey, with tough games against Leicester City FC and Panjab FA. So that should give the players the focus they need for this match and this years NatWest Island Games in Gotland."

The largest crowd in the last decade turned out for last year’s 100th Muratti Vase Final, how significant is the Muratti to local football in Channel Island?

"It means a lot to the local football community as its their day to come and support their Island. One of my key objectives was to raise the standards and I believe we are doing that. Its important we keep going and aim high. The bigger the crowds the better we play."

You have rotated your squad in recent games featuring players from a wide variety of local Combination Clubs; James Queree (St. Brelades FC) James Carolan, (St Peters F.C) Danny Birrell (JTC Jersey Wanderers) Karl Hinds (Rozel Rovers) have you been impressed with the competitive level of the Combination League this season?

"We have watched 50 games this season and these were players that showed up well when we watched their teams. It’s one thing playing well for your club and another thing raising your level to play for Jersey or against top opposition. Players need to be able to handle the big game pressure and deliver in matches."

The Capita Centre of Excellence has supported the development of some of Jersey’s most successful players, Jack Boyle (Jersey Scottish FC), Kieran Lester, (St. Pauls FC), Calvin Weir (Jersey Scottish F.C) This year you have given first team opportunities to Capita centre of Excellence U18’s Danny Birrell, Joe Kilshaw and Harry Curtis. How vital is the work being done in the centre to the long term success of the Jersey FA Senior Team’s?

"What the Capita Centre of Excellence do is great, the players are lucky to have such a professional environment to work in. We shouldn’t overlook the work being done at club level too. I see it as a collective effort from everyone in football to raise standards. The infrastructure is good for the future of the Jersey FA."

The largest crowd in the last decade turned out for the 100th Muratti Vase Final, to witness Jersey FA win the prestigious match, Do you believe you will be able to repeat the feet this year?

"That’s the plan. I need everyone behind us and my players need to give everything they have, leaving nothing to chance and their quality will shine through."

Many great Coaches have lead teams to the Muratti where does this rank in your personal Achievements?

"I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of great football experiences back in Scotland and now in Jersey. However, in Jersey winning 6 out of 6 trophies and Gold medal in Aland Games in 2009 was special, but as the Manager of Jersey it will only be an achievement if we win at 101st Muratti Final. At senior level winning is everything."

The following squads have been selected:

Guernsey FA 101st Muratti Squad:

1. Josh Addison

2. Leroi Riley

3. Ryan Zico Black

4. Jacob Fallaize

5. Matt Loaring

6. River Marsh

7. Kyle Smith

8. Paris Perreira

9. Tom De La Mare

10. Jamie Dodd

11. Simon Geall

12. Sam Cochrane

13. Keanu Marsh

14. Craig Young

15. Dave Rihoy

16. Dom Heaume

17. Ross Allen

18. Tom Dodds

Jersey FA 101st Muratti Squad:

1. Ewan Van Der Vliet

2. Danny Birrell

3. James Scott

4. James Queree

5. Stuart Andre

6. Rob McBey

7. Jack Cannon

8. Calvin Weir

9. Chris Andrews

10. Michael Weir

11. Jack Boyle

12. Cavanegh Miley

13. Kieron Lester

14. Craig Russell

15. Karl Hinds

16. Adam Trotter

17. Joe Kilshaw

18. Ben Gallichan

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