Holly Muirhead - Navy FA Women 2017

Next Match Jersey FA v Navy FA

Joe Smith
Jersey FA Men and Women will be in action on Saturday the 3rd of March as Jersey FA host the Men and Women of the Navy FA

Next Game: Jersey FA To host Navy FA  in Double header

Both Jersey FA’s Senior Representative Teams both Men and Women will be in action this weekend against the Royal Navy Football Association. The annual fixtures takes place at Springfield Stadium on Saturday 3rd of March. Jersey FA Women kick-off first at 11 am followed by Jersey FA Senior Men at 3 pm.

Jersey FA Women's joint Head Coach Dan Seviour said; "We are really looking forward to the fixture against the Navy FA women. Last year we enjoyed a competitive fixture against a well organised side. This is a fantastic opportunity to bench mark our development from last years fixture and will help prepare us for our upcoming away game against Crawley Wasps Ladies FC."

Jersey FA Joint head coach Jodie Botterill said: "Dan and I are both looking forward to this fixture. It has been almost a year since we first took the team and this fixture was our first one in charge. The squad has changed a fair bit but our focus and team targets have remained the same. It is a young squad but there is still a lot of experience within it. We are looking forward to seeing how much the team has developed and this fixture against a strong Navy side will be a great test for them. It is also great to see some new young faces earning their place in the squad after a strong season for their clubs."

Jersey FA Mens Senior manager Martin Cassidy;“I was disappointed at losing the game in the last five minutes last year against the Navy FA and will be looking for a good performance against them this time round. This is a great opportunity for the players to show me what they can do against tough opposition.”

The squads will be announced later this week; for all your latest news and results follow on twitter and Facebook @JerseyFA

Jersey FA Men's Squad

  • Euan Van Der Vliet – St. Pauls F.C
  • Micheal Weir – St. Peters F.C
  • Jack Cannon – St. Pauls F.C
  • Harry Curtis – St. Pauls F.C
  • Calvin Weir – St. Peter F.C
  • Jake Baker – St. Peter F.C
  • Jack Boyle – St. Pauls F.C
  • Kamen Naftka – JTC Jersey Wanderers F.C
  • Harry Cardwell – St. Peters F.C
  • Connor O’Shea – St Clement F.C
  • Jules Gabbiadini – JTC Jersey Wanderers F.C
  • Bradley Rolland – St. Clement F.C
  •  Stuart Andre – St. Pauls F.C
  •  Craig Russell – St. Pauls F.C
  •  Adam Trotter – St. Pauls F.C 
  • Jake Prince – St. Peter F.C


Jersey FA Women's Squad

  • Sara Luce - Southampton FC
  •  Chantelle Renourd - St Lawrence FC
  • Lauren Quemard - JTC Jersey Wanderers FC
  •  Lauren Jehan - Grouville FC
  • Jenny Cullen - St Lawrence FC
  •  Sophie Botterill - St Lawrence FC
  • Sylvia Spinola - St Lawrence FC
  •  Tiffany Sundby - St Peters FC
  • Ella Brennand - JTC  Jersey Wanderers FC
  •  Holly Muirhead - St Peters FC
  • Megan Wood - JTC Jersey Wanderers FC
  •  Anita Tavares - St Peters FC
  • Sam Silva - Grouville FC
  •  Natasha Keen - JTC Jersey Wanderers FC
  • Rosie Corbett - St Lawrence FC
  • Louise Van Der Vliet - JTC Jersey Wanderers FC