Amelia Morris Campbell PDC Profile

Jersey FA PDC Link Player Profiles: Amelia Morris Campbell

Joe Smith
This weeks Jersey FA Link Asset Services Player Development Centre Profile is Amelia Morris Campbell.

"Player Profile: "Amelia Morris Campbell"

The Jersey FA Link Asset Services Player Development Centre provides an advanced player pathway for players on the Island with identified talent and potential. The Centre has grown from a single group of girls to one which now offers over 45 players, in 3 squads from u12's to u16's, a structured weekly coaching and games programme. The sessions are supported by 8FA qualified coaches.

Name: Amelia Morris Campbell

Position: RB

Height: 4ft’6

Club: LINK Player Development Centre U16’s

What Football Team do you Support? Crystal Palace FC

What are your strengths as a player?

“I can read the game well and enjoy playing for my team; I am good at regaining possession and then playing it off to my team mates.”

Who is your favourite footballer and why?

“I would have to say my team mate Anita Tavares. She reads the game so well, can tackle, score and is a great team player.”

What is your best football moment in the game?

“I just enjoy playing football and getting a nutmeg is always fun.”

How has the Jersey FA Link Asset Services Centre of Excellence helped you develop?

“The Centre gives you the confidence to go out and play your game, we learn allot about creating space, using angles and how to communicate.”

What are your ambitions for the future?

“It would be great to be called up into an Island Games Squad.”

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