Trinity Shield

124th Trinity Shield

Joe Smith
This year marks the 124th Trinity Shield, the oldest Football competition in the Channel Islands.

"The Oldest Football Competition in Channel Islands"

The Trinity Shield tournament, which began in 1895, is traditionally played over the Christmas period, and sees players from different clubs coming together to play for their Parish. Throughout its history the competition has been fiercely contested and at one stage East and West met in a champion style Play-off but now the shield is contested for in a knock-out competition.

Trinity Shield

In the Trinity Shields history; St. John’s and St. Mary’s are the only two sides never to have won the competition. St. Saviour has the most wins in the competitions history, notching up an impressive 25 (one shared) wins. However, in recent years St. Brelade have closed the gap, wining 4 out of the last 5 seasons.

Trinity Shield: Recent Winners

  • 2014: Grouville
  • 2015: St. Brelade
  • 2016: St. Brelade
  • 2017: St. Brelade
  • 2018: St. Brelade

The 2018/19 Trinity Shield 

This year marks the 124th anniversary of the oldest Football tournament in the Channel Islands, 10 Parishes have entered teams this year’s competition including;

• Grouville
• St. Brelade
• St. Clement
• St. John
• St. Lawrence
• St. Martin
• St. Ouen
• St. Peter
• St. Saviour
• Trinity

Players wishing to play in the competition from the aforementioned Parishes must contact there Club in the first instance. The rules of the competition state that players must be Jersey born and potentially a player could play for one of two parishes, either;

• The Parish their parents were residents in when the player was born.
• The player's current Parish of residence.

Because the Trinity Shield is played for by the 11 country Parishes, if either the players current Parish of residence is St. Helier that would mean the player would only be eligible to play for one parish.  If both the player's current Parish of residence and the Parish their parents were residents in when the player was born are St. Helier unfortunately they could not play.

For more information could club secretaries contact Jersey Football Combination Football Secretary Mark le Cornu.

The 2019 Trinity Shield Football Fixtures

Tuesday 18 December Trinity Shield Qualifying Round                                 

  • A St. Ouenv St. John 7.30pm @ St. Ouen

    Wednesday 19 December Trinity Shield Qualifying Round

  •  B Trinity v St. Martin 7.30pm @ Les Quennevais

    Saturday 22 December Trinity Shield Quarter Finals                          

  • C St. Clement v St. Peter 1.30pm @ St. Clement / Les Quennevais
  • D St. Lawrence v Grouville 1.30pm @ St. Lawrence / Les Quennevais
  • E St. Saviour v Winner of B1.30pm @ St. Saviour / Les Quennevais
  • F St. Brelade v Winner of A 1.30pm @ St. Brelade

Wednesday 26 December Trinity Shield Quarter Finals –

  • Final Reserve Date 7.30pm @ Les Quennevais

Thursday 27 December Trinity Shield Quarter Finals –

  • Final Reserve Date 7.30pm @ Les Quennevais

Saturday 29 December Trinity Shield Semi Finals - 

  • G Winner of C v Winner of D 1.30pm @St. Clement / St. Peter / Les Quennevais
  • H Winner of E v Winner of F 1.30pm @ St. Saviour / Trinity / Les Quennevais

Wednesday 2 January 2019 Trinity Shield Final

  • Winner of G v Winner of H 7.30pm @ Springfield

    Please be aware fixtures may change so keep up to date at Full Time.