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Link Asset Services Girls Player Development Centre

"Providing a pathway of Excellence"

Link Asset Services Girls Player Development Centre

The Link Asset Services Player Development Centre for Girls is are a programme that provides opportunities for girls to develop and enjoy football within an all girl environment. This is done by having values and beliefs that we follow to create a culture on and off the pitch to help the girls as individuals and as a team. The culture that we create is followed by all involved in the programme and aims to give us pride when wearing the Jersey FA badge. 


We work together with honesty and trust, we enjoy each other’s company which can be seen on and off the pitch allowing us to make mistakes without judgement.

Team Work

We aim to work together in a collaborative effort to achieve the common good. Players and Coaches together work together to sustain and grow the programme.


We aim to challenge ourselves at every opportunity to improve and learn individually and through others to help reach our highest potential.


We are proud to be part of a player and coach development programme which provides the opportunity to represent Jersey on and off the Island.

Get in Touch

Player Development Centre (Girls) Manager & Welfare officer

Daniel Seviour

Tel: 07797799491


Link Asset Services


The Jersey FA PDC way is the playing and coaching philosophy of the Jersey FA teams. This has been developed to ensure consistency between all our age group teams leading into our senior squad.

Foundation Phase Coaches u12’s – u13’s   

  • Tiffany Sundby
  • Lucy Even

Transition Phase u14's u15's

  • Daniel Seviour 
  • Anita Tavares

Youth Development Phase U16 

  • Chad Morris
  • Ciara Giles
Daniel Seviour Link CoE Coaches Profile
The Jersey FA Player Development Centre (PDC) programme gives opportunity for girls aged 11 – 16 to improve on their technical and tactical aspects of their game with an engaging player centred environment.
- Player Development Manager for Girls - Daniel Seviour