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Frequently asked questions about temporary dismissals in respect to The FA Pilot

What offences do temporary dismissals apply to?

Temporary dismissals are only for cautions for (C2)

 Dissent Who do temporary dismissals apply to?

Temporary dismissals only apply to players (including goalkeepers) – they are not used for substitutes, substituted players or team officials

Are temporarily dismissals reported to the appropriate authority?

Yes all temporary dismissals must be reported after the match. They will also form part of the continual misconduct charge for cautions and for Club charges in relation to RESPECT Sanctioning.

How does the referee signal a temporary dismissal?

The referee signals a temporary dismissal by showing the yellow card (YC) and then clearly pointing with both arms to the temporary dismissal area (usually the player’s technical area if one exists).

How long does the temporary dismissal last?

The temporary dismissal period:

  • 10 minutes in Adult Open Aged football or in Youth Football that consists of 90 minutes
  • 8 minutes in Youth Football where less than 90 minutes is played
  • Begins when play restarts after the player has left the field of play
  • Will include any time ‘lost’ for a stoppage for which ‘additional time’ will be allowed at the end of the half. Where neutral assistant referees or 4th officials are appointed, they will help the referee time the dismissal period – alternatively each Club should nominate a team official to assist where possible. The referee remains the sole judge of the time.

What happens if the half ends and the temporary dismissal period has not been completed?

If a player’s temporary dismissal period is not over at the end of the first half, the remaining time is served from the start of the second half (this is the same at the end of the match if extra time is to be played) If a player’s temporary dismissal period is not over at the end of the match, the player is permitted to take part in Kicks from the Penalty Mark (penalties) Any period unserved at the end of the game is lost and does not transfer to the next fixture.

Where does the temporarily dismissed player go?

A temporarily dismissed player should stay in the team’s technical area; if there is no technical area the player should stay with the team’s coach/technical staff (unless warming up).

Can a temporarily dismissed player warm up?

For reasons of injury prevention, a temporarily dismissed player is allow to warm up as if he/she were a substitute.

When can the temporarily dismissed player return?

Once the temporary dismissal period has been completed, the player can return from the touchline with the referee’s permission, which can be while the ball is in play.

Can a temporarily dismissed player be substituted?

A temporarily dismissed player can only be substituted at the end of their temporarily dismissal period. However, he/she cannot be substituted if:

  • it is the player’s second temporary dismissal
  • the team has already used all its permitted substitutes
  • Substitutions must take place during a stoppage in play as per the Laws of the Game

What happens if a temporarily dismissed player commits another offence during a temporary dismissal?

A temporarily dismissed player who commits any cautionable offence (including Dissent) (YC) or sending off/ red card (RC) offence during their temporary dismissal period is not allowed to play again in the match and may not be replaced or substituted.

What happens if a temporarily dismissed player results in the team having less than 7 players?

Unless it is not the player’s 2nd temporary dismissal in the match, the match continues as the player is still under the jurisdiction of the referee. If it is the player’s 2nd temporary dismissal, the match will be abandoned at the point of going down to less than 7 players.

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