Jersey Combination Club Transfers

All your information on the rules and regulations governing, club transfers.

Jersey Combination Club Transfers

Following the changes made to the JFC and JFA Registration Scheme, the process for players transferring between Combination Clubs has also been changed.  The changes should make the process of transferring between clubs simpler and easier to complete.

The rules governing the process of player transfers are attached to this webpage article along with the Transfer Form, which should be downloaded and completed by the relevant parties I.e. player, new club, and existing club once the form is completed please, scan and email it to Mark Le Cornu

Jersey Combination Club Transfer Rules

  1. Mid-Season Transfer requests will only be considered from the 1st September to the 31st December.
  2. Players seeking a Mid-Season Transfer must obtain the necessary transfer form from the JFA website or office.
  3. The player must complete the transfer form, stating their reasons for requesting the transfer.
  4. Both Club Secretaries (current club and new club) must ensure that the transfer form is duly completed and signed by them and returned to the JFA. It is the responsibility of the player seeking the transfer to obtain the relevant signatures and to return the form to the JFA office. (Also See 8 & 9 below)
  5. The club to which the said player is transferred shall pay a fee of £10 to The Combination funds for a Mid-Season transfer.
  6. Any person applying for a transfer must have been registered with The JFA/JFC Combination for at least fourteen days.
  7. The player will be able to play with his new club once the Club Secretary (new club) has verified the change of club on the JFA website.
  8. Should a Club object to the transfer it should state its objections in writing to the JFA and to the player concerned within seven days of receipt of the transfer form. Failure to give written objection within seven days will result in the player being deemed to have transferred and shall be deemed eligible to play for the new Club immediately.
  9. In the event of a Club opposing a transfer, the Transfer Panel will hear the transfer request. The Panel will consist of not less than three members out of the seven elected at the Management Committee Meeting following the A.G.M. The Transfer Panel members must not be members of either Club that is the subject of a contested transfer.

    In practice, it would be best for the transferring player to keep the JFA Office informed of progress on 730433 and to check that any agreed transfer has been completed.  The Jersey FA and the Jersey Combination will use its best endeavours to inform the player and the new club when the transfer has been completed as soon as possible.

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