Jersey FA Testimonials

Included below are just a small selection of the testimonials we’ve received in recent years. If you'd like to tell us about your experience in with the Jersey FA you can Contact Us by e-mail . Alternatively you can post on our Facebook page Jersey FA or send a tweet to our Twitter account @JerseyFA

Sandra –
I want to thank you and your staff for the fantastic coaching. I know we have enjoyed watching the boys develop and there is no doubt in my mind that the boys have all improved, Callum loves your coaching sessions.

Lisa –
Can I just say that you and the rest of the coaches do a fantastic job. Dylan absolutely loves attending these sessions

Sarah –
The feedback is only positive. You have provided some first class coaching and have enthused my son into wanting to do more and more football. Considering he told me he didn't want to go on week 1 and we agreed he would just watch, within 1 session he was happy staying on his own and has grown in confidence and playing ability - this is all thanks to you the coaches. You provide varied, well paced sessions with excellent introduction and plenary. We will be back after Christmas.

Julia –
Alistair has really enjoyed his Tuesday night football and seems very positive about it which is great. Of course he enjoys the matches from club football but it’s important he learns the drills too.

Jorja attended the Wednesday sessions and the free fun sessions which I think is a great way to get the girls involved. She really enjoyed them and is signed up for the sessions in January . I loved the fact that the sessions were structured organised and fun. I find the girls sessions you run make the sessions enjoyable for the children you teach. I personally love the fact that it is non stop from start to end, but from someone who doesn't know much about training sessions I can see the drills really benefit the girls. Jorja had been keen from the start I'm not sure if this is because it's all girls or because you encourage group participation and give the girls motivation and positive praise throughout . All I can say is I'm glad there's something for the girls. I have recommended you to a few friends who I know have enjoyed the sessions and have signed up.
From Jorjas perspective she loved the sessions where the girls from the Jersey FA came to help. I think this really helps with confidence which I'm sure you appreciate they are at a sensitive age and anything positive is a bonus!

Rob –
Hi, It looks well organised and the boys seem to be learning new skills and knowledge about how to play the game. It gives my 2 boys Matthew & James some real structured training

Stuart –
I was just going through my e mails and realise I hadn't responded to this and I wanted to because Ben had been so positive about the ten weeks. He has done a lot of varying school holiday & weekend football courses over the years and when I asked him for his feedback he said it was best he'd ever attended. He is booked on the next course starting in a week’s time and looking forward to it.

Elizabeth –
Can I just say your sessions are fantastic, Jason absolutely loved it😊 He's been counting down the days since last week for his next session. Well done to you and your team.

Paul –
All positive, you have an excellent team around you and you do a great job. Every day was different and finishing with a penalty comp was ace.

Glenda –
This was an awesome week as always. Your staff are so attentive and committed to all the children. Kaden thought it was a lot of fun and doesn't think he would change anything.

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