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Jersey FA Supporting Local Facilities

"The FA’s Vision for Facilities" 

After extensive research across the game and after many years of direct experience working with clubs and leagues, The FA’s vision for facilities is necessarily simple and pragmatic – reflecting the views of those we work with every day; “Building, protecting and enhancing sustainable football facilities to improve the experience of the nations favourite game." 

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Email: stevelandick@gmail.com

Role of the Grounds Committee

  • A1 The Grounds Committee shall be composed of three members who shall be elected by the Council pursuant to Rule D2.  At least one of the members shall be a member of the Council. 
  • A2 The Grounds Committee will represent the Association on all matters relating to the condition, charging structure, safety and use of playing fields, and on such other matters as the Council shall from time to time determine.  
  • A3 The Grounds Committee shall be required to meet before the start of each season and visit all pitches to be used for the playing of football and determine if they are in a suitable condition for the playing of matches.  When visiting the pitches the Grounds Committee shall also inspect the goals, changing facilities for players and match officials and again determine if they are in a suitable condition.
  • A4 The Grounds Committee shall prepare a report noting the pitches visited and that they are satisfied with the condition of each pitch, the goals and changing facilities.  It shall be the Grounds Committee's responsibility to resolve any concerns that they may have to ensure the pitch and changing facilities are acceptable.
  • A5 The Grounds Committee shall also be responsible for determining the fees to be charged for the use of each club pitch for the coming season. These fees shall be notified to Council at the August Council meeting.

Club Grounds 

  • Grouville FC - Boulliovt
  • JTC Jersey Wanderers - JTC Park
  • St. Clement FC - St. Clements Playing Field
  • St. Peters FC - St Peters Playing Field
  • Trinity FC - Riley Field
  • Sporting Academics - IJB
  • Rozel Rovers FC - La Couvant
  • St. Paul's FC - Clos des Pauvres St. Savouir
  • St. Ouen - La Cache es Fresnes 
  • St. Lawrence FC - Three Oaks
  • St. John FC - St. John Recreation Centre
  • St. Brelade - Le Squendez

States of Jersey Venues 

  •  Les Quennevais Playing Fields 
  •  FB Playing Fields 
  •  Springfield Stadium


Pitch Maintenance Support 

The JFA employs Steve Landick as a Pitch Advisor to the Grounds Committee. With over 35 years experience working in the field of pitch maintenance and development, Steve’s wealth of knowledge provides Club's with an additional resource to support their own Groundsmen. Steve provides detailed Pitch Analysis Reports which offer guidance in relation to the following areas: 

  • Machinery 
  • Pre-Season maintenance 
  • Post-Season maintenance 
  • Seed type 
  • Drainage 
  • Aeration 
  • Irrigation 
  • Fertiliser 
  • Weed Control

Visit our Pitch Maintenance page for more information by clicking on the sign post below.

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