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The JFA is pleased to announce it has developed its Equality Diversity and Inclusion plan for the next two years. The plan was developed following a survey of football clubs on the island which saw more than 360 players and coaches complete.  

The plan has 6 key goals which include:

Goal 1 - Improving the gender balance across football
Outcome - We will strive for equality across our game

Goal 2 - Ensuring football is inclusive to ethnic minority groups
Outcome – We will embrace all people irrespective of their race or ethnicity

Goal 3 - Increasing opportunities in football for those with a disability
Outcome – There will be a wider offering that caters for additional ages and abilities 

Goal 4 - Ensuring cost is not a barrier in football
Outcome – Those from lower socio-economic families will not be disadvantaged at any level of the game

Goal 5 - Promoting the diversity in Jersey football
Outcome - We will celebrate our diversity and use it to enhance our game

Goal 6 - Effective engagement and communications that promote Football for All
Outcome – We have the people and infrastructure to ensure anyone in Jersey can connect with our game

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan is endorsed by the Jersey FA Board, Chief Executive Officer, and the Inclusion Advisory Group. 

The plan will be delivered by the professional staff of the association and will be monitored and reviewed by the Inclusion Advisory Group. Overall accountability of this plan is held with the Board of Directors of the Jersey FA. 




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