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Ensuring Jersey football is played in a fun and safe environment 

The Jersey FA is responsible for ensuring that the rules and regulations of the FA and the Jersey FA are upheld and enforced. We are committed to providing football for all, and are determined to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for anyone who wishes to play, coach, officiate, administer, support or be involved in local football.

Players should be familiar with the fact that they must abide by the Laws of Association Football and that the Match Officials enforce these Laws. The consequences of breaches of the Laws are cautions, dismissal from the field of play and possible charges from the Jersey FA.

Participants are likely to be less familiar with the wide range of disciplinary procedures, and so to assist this The FA has developed guidance to summarise the County Disciplinary Procedures at Step 5 and below. The handbook is a useful guide to explain the disciplinary process and details the changes that have taken place over the last few years – including match based discipline, sanction guidelines, the Whole Game System and changes to handling discrimination.

Answers to a series of "Frequently Asked Questions" about the discipline process can also be found lower down this page.

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Club secretaries in Jersey are responsible for acknowledging discipline cases, responding to misconduct charges and making payments when discipline fines are issued via invoice. When suspensions exist, the secretary must confirm the matches the player will miss.

Discipline is mainly processed online via the Whole Game System (WGS). The below video, presented by the FA's Mark Ives, explains how to complete the key tasks.

Whole Game System - Disciplinary Tutorial
Guidance for club secretaries on how to process discipline cases via WGS

Frequently asked QUestions

Suspensions for red cards under the match based discipline system will commence 7 days from the date of the fixture in which you were sent off.

If you have not received correspondence relating to a fixture within 3 working days of the sending off, then you must contact the Jersey FA immediately. Non-receipt of paperwork is not a valid defence, and a charge will be issued for anyone found to be playing whilst under suspension.

No you cannot play for the reserves because they are in the same category of football: "Saturday Football".

Suspensions relating to red cards, are from a particular category of football

 The categories are:

  • Saturday (In Jersey, this is adult Men's football, such as the Jacksons Premiership)
  • Sunday (In Jersey, this is the Women's League)
  • Midweek (In Jersey, this is Trinity Shield football)
  • Representative (Playing for an island representative side)
  • Veterans (In Jersey, this is the Jacksons Over-35s League)
  • Further Education
  • Youth

So, for example, if you were sent off for Rozel Rovers men's first team (Saturday category), you CAN still play in Trinity Shield matches (Midweek) and for the Island side (Representative). But you cannot play for Rozel Rovers reserves, as they play in the same category of football (Saturday).

In another example, if you were sent off for St Paul's first team, you could still play for Jersey (Representative category) during your suspension.

For clarity, matches in the Saturday category do not have to be played on a Saturday. The same applies for Sunday and Midweek categories.

A match based suspension for a standard charge (straight red card, 2 x yellow cards) in any of the categories of football will only result in a suspension from that type; the individual will be free to participate in all other types during the suspension. The only exception is in the case of misconduct charges which result in suspensions from 'All Football'.

Qualifying matches for serving a suspension are based on the team the player was playing for at the time they were dismissed.

The below table shows the length of ban you can expect, depending on the nature of your dismissal.

However, you should check with your club secretary to confirm the official number of games to be missed. If a player is sent off for a second time in the season, they will serve an additional suspension if the red card is within the same category of football.

Dismissal Offence


Serious Foul Play

3 Matches

Violent Conduct

3 Matches

Spitting at an Opponent

6 Matches

Denial of an Obvious Goal-Scoring Opportunity

1 Match

Use of Offensive, or Insulting or Abusive Language

2 Matches

Receiving a Second Caution in a Match

1 Match

The below fines apply for red cards in the JFA Combination League.

Denying the opposing team a goal or obvious goal-scoring opportunity: £20

Serious foul play: £40

Spitting at an opponent or any other person: £40

Violent conduct: £40

Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures: £30

Receiving a second caution in the same match: £20

In addition to the above fines, a £15 administration fee will also be charged for processing the red card.

Club secretaries will receive invoices for the above via the Whole Game System. Additional fees will be added if any invoice is not paid by the due date.

Clubs will be invoiced for £12 for each yellow card.

If you were sent off for anything other than for two cautions or for foul and abusive language/gestures, you may make a claim of wrongful dismissal. This should be done by your club secretary via the Whole Game System.

A club wishing to lodge a claim must notify the Jersey FA, in writing to, of its intention to do so by 5pm on the second business day following the game in which the dismissal occurred. For weekend matches, the deadline is therefore 5pm on Tuesday evening.

By the fourth business day, any evidence relied upon in support of the claim must be submitted to the Jersey FA. For weekend matches, the deadline is therefore 5pm on Thursday evening.

In all JFA Combination League cases the appeal fee, which must be submitted with details of your appeal, is £30.

Time limits are strict, claims received late will not be considered.

The appeal will then be heard before the suspension begins, and the club will be informed of the result as soon as possible.

Providing video footage of the incident is no longer mandatory at this level but should be made available if it exists.

A successful claim will need to demonstrate that the match official made an obvious error in dismissing the player from the field of play.

For clarity, a dismissal for S6 (using offensive language and/or insulting and/or abusive language and/or gestures) or S7 (receiving a second caution in the same match) is not within the criteria for a claim.

If a claim is successful the appeal fee will be returned and suspension/fine will be removed from the player's record. However, the details of the dismissal will remain on the record as it is a fact that the player was sent off.

Misconduct & Discipline Hearings

From time to time, incidents which require further investigation are reported to the Jersey Football Association.

If there is deemed to be sufficient evidence, a club or individual may receive a misconduct charge, and the club secretary will be notified via the Whole Game System.

You will be required to respond to this charge and submit any correspondence or evidence you wish to be considered within 14 days of the charge being raised. All available documentation and evidence will then be presented at a discipline commission where a verdict on the case will be made and if necessary a sanction will be implemented in line with FA sanction guidelines.

Should you wish to discuss your charge or ask for any advice on the best way to proceed for your particular charge, please contact the discipline department on - 01534 730433 or email

When responding to a misconduct charge you can either have the case dealt with in absence via correspondence or request a personal hearing where the individual or club charged are able to attend a hearing.