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The Jersey Football Association (Jersey FA) is the body that governs and co-ordinates football in Jersey in compliances with the Football Association Rules and regulations.

Who Are The Jersey FA

The Jersey FA is neither a member of UEFA or FIFA. Instead is an affiliated regional FA of the English Football Association (FA). Jersey the Jersey FA  maintains the status of an English county or region, despite the fact that Jersey is a Crown dependency, separate from the United Kingdom. The Jersey FA is responsible for the governance of all football in the island in accordance with the rules and regulations of the football association.

On the island the Jersey FA run Island representative sides at, U12, U14, U16, U18, U21, Women and Senior Men level. The Jersey FA also run the Capita Centre of Excellence and Player Development Centre that produce an elite talent pathway for our senior representative teams. Finally the Jersey FA run a number of community based activities including Fun Weeks, After schools sessions and Free fun Nights for Girls. For any information regarding community activities contact Jersey FA community coach Daniel.Seviour@jerseyfa.com

The Jersey FA do not co-ordinate the league football in any way, that is the role of the Jersey Football Combination, we only assist in the governance ensuring the game is played in accordance with best practice.

The Jersey FA are made up of six full time staff responsible for the administration and governance of over 2,500 footballers.

Administration manager - Janet Weir Janet.Weir@JerseyFA.com

Business manager - Bob Lawrence Robert.Lawrence@JerseyFA.com

Chief executive officer - Neville Davidson Neville.Davidson@JerseyFA.com

Director of Capita Centre of Excellence and Player Development Centre - Paul Renton prenton.coe@gmail.com

Community coach (5-11s) - Daniel Seviour DanielSeviour@JerseyFA.com

Head of development - Brian Oliver Brian.Oliver@JerseyFA.com

Marketing, communications and project manager - Joe Smith Joseph.Smith@JerseyFA.com

For any queries regarding the Jersey FA representative teams or the Jersey FA Capita Centre of Excellence and Player Development Centre contact Info@jerseyFA.com or call 730433

For all the latest news and results from the Jersey FA follow us on twitter @JerseyFA

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