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Jersey’s finest sign up for Anthony Nolan

Tim Pryor
Eleven of Jersey’s leading footballers sign up to be potential stem cell donors.

Eleven of Jersey’s leading footballers have signed up to be potential stem cell donors following a presentation from representatives of Anthony Nolan.

The Jersey FA squad, who won 2-0 in Alderney at the weekend to book their place in the Muratti final, were given a talk on the subject in the Springfield changing rooms recently ahead of a training session. 

The players then provided swabs as part of the wider “be a match, save a life” campaign being run in the island, encouraging local players to join the register.

“The team were keen to hear what we had to say about the opportunity to save lives when joining the register of potential stem cell donors,” said Kate Baigent from the Jersey Friends of Anthony Nolan.

“We were pleased that a large number of the players came forward to ask further questions. This was followed by 11 of the lads signing up and giving a cheek swab sample. This was an incredible result and we would like to thank the team for this great response.”

A transplant of stem cells can cure blood cancer, but only 30% of patients needing a transplant will find they have a match within their own family. Whenever a patient needs a lifesaving stem cell transplant, the register of donors is searched to find someone who is a genetic match for that patient.

Anyone aged 16-30 interested in signing up and giving a swab can find out more at