New discipline panel members required

The JFA is looking for new members of its Discipline Commission, to help rule on discipline cases in the island.

Want to give something back to the sport you love? Believe passionately in fair play? Jersey FA is seeking volunteers to become Independent Members to sit on its Football Disciplinary Commission panels.

We are looking for individuals to help ensure our football disciplinary commission panels are seen as independent and diverse.

Whether you are a coach, player, league official, club official, referee a football fan, we would love to hear from you.

What is a Disciplinary Commission?

A Disciplinary Commission is convened to consider all football misconduct charges.  A misconduct charge is issued where an incident is reported which does not fall under standard (red card) dismissal offences, or is a serious offence.

For example, a participant can be charged with misconduct following being sent off during the game, if they then direct abusive comments towards the referee.

There are three main types of hearing:

Personal Hearing: For when the participant pleads not guilty. Attended by the person charged together with witnesses for both the County FA and the participant/club charged.

Non-Personal Hearings: All evidence is presented to a panel in paper format for the commission to review. This is the most common type of hearing

Verbal Plea: For when the participant pleads guilty. Attended by just the participant charged.

Hearings provide an opportunity for all evidence to be reviewed and any witnesses to be questioned and their evidence considered. The panel then make a decision, on the balance of probabilities, as to whether the charge is proven or not. And if proven, what sanction should be imposed. Discipline panels consist of a chairman, two panel members and a secretary, each with slightly different roles and responsibilities.

How to apply (or just interested)...

Please email with your name, contact information and relevant experience or skills. Your information will be used purely in relation to the recruitment of panel members and will be processed in line with the Jersey FA Privacy Policy. 

Successful applicants will be contacted to attend an online training event.

As part of Jersey FA’s Safeguarding Operating Standards we require all successful candidates to commit to completing a FA Criminal Records Check and FA Safeguarding Workshop within six months of being appointed.