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Jersey Football Association gains charitable status

The Jersey Football Association becomes one of the first sports organisations in the island to achieve charitable status.

The Jersey Football Association has become one of the first sports organisations in the island to achieve charitable status, following changes to Jersey’s charity law.

Previously a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), the JFA became a charity after meeting the Jersey Charity Commissioner’s ‘charity test’, by demonstrating it has only charitable purposes and benefits the public.

As a registered Jersey charity (number 286), the JFA qualifies for several tax benefits which will ensure more funding is available to support the game locally.

“As an existing NPO, it was the next logical step for us,” said Jersey FA CEO Jean-Luc Desbois.

“I am sure charitable status will encourage both businesses and individuals to increase donations to the Association, which will be used wisely to sustain and create further footballing opportunities to all areas of the community.”

In the context of donations to charities, the lump sum and deed of covenant scheme operate to provide a 25% increase in the value of qualifying donations made by Jersey taxpayers.

Brian McCarthy, Managing Director of Le Masurier and recently appointed as Finance Director of the Jersey Football Association, added: “This is really good news and supports the JFA’s mission of ‘football for all’.

“The Jersey FA is dedicated to the cause of governing, promoting and providing opportunities to play football in Jersey for all and the advancement of public participation for all ages, abilities, races and genders.”