Level 2: Guidance on organised outdoor club football activity in Jersey during Covid-19

Guidance on permitted organised club football activity in Jersey as the island moves into Level 2 of its Covid-19 Exit Framework from 12 June 2020
Page updated on 26th June 2020 to reflect change in the island from 2 metre physical distancing to 1 metre physical distancing.

All participants not from the same household must maintain a 1 metre or more distance from one another in all football activity. Government of Jersey guidelines must always be adhered to. This is not a return to playing matches and failure to follow the guidelines could delay the full restart of the sport.

The Jersey Football Association, in partnership with the FA, Jersey Sport and the Government of Jersey has issued guidance for all outdoor organised club football activity in Jersey, following the relaxation of some COVID-19 restrictions as the island enters Level 2 of its Exit Framework. The guidance was published on 12th June 2020 and has been updated on 26th June 2020, following the relaxation of social distancing requirements (reduction from 2m to 1m).

Consistent with Government of Jersey advice, the following outdoor organised club football activity is currently permitted in the island:

Controlled, structured and organised football sessions with no more than 40 people in attendance at any time. Clubs should plan their activities with this upper attendance limit in mind. A strict physical distance of one metre is always required between people from different households. Clubs and coaches must read the Frequently Asked Questions section, the guidelines from Jersey Sport, and follow the steps outlined below before any such session can take place.

  • Coaches are reminded to follow FA safeguarding policies and must conduct a risk assessment of the activities.
  • Sharing of equipment should be kept to a minimum. Footballs, cones and other relevant equipment should be regularly cleaned, and players and coaches should ensure good hand hygiene.
  • Physical contact with anyone outside of your household is not permitted, therefore playing of any matches (small-sided or full) is also not permitted at this time.
  • A record of attendance should be kept, including contact details for everyone.
  • A “Play and Go” approach should be encouraged, with no lingering in car parks.
  • Players and coaches should bring their own pre-filled water bottle from home and should not share these with others.
  • No equipment, such as cones or water bottles for example, should be passed from one person to another. Only coaches should tidy up the area at the end of the session.
  • Bibs should not be used. Clubs are advised to coordinate shirt colours prior to arrival.
  • Changing rooms should not be used unless for toilet access or emergency first aid. Toilet access & cleaning should be considered.
  • In clubhouses, only designated social areas should be used (bars, lounges etc) and strict physical distancing of 1m is required.
  • Showers should not be accessible, and players and coaches should arrive already in their kit.
  • Spitting or nasal expelling is not permitted at any time.

Jersey Sport has produced a list of key considerations before you begin any activity. All coaches and club officials should read the document carefully before running any sessions or opening up activity.



The Jersey FA continues to work closely with the FA, the Government of Jersey and Jersey Sport in order to set out good practice guidance for those responsible for delivering different aspects of grassroots football and we will provide further updates as guidance information is shared.


Coaches should read the answers to the below Frequently Asked Questions before running any sessions. For further information or clarification please visit the Government of Jersey’s Safe Exit Framework website or email


YES – However a one-metre physical distancing must always be maintained with those from outside your household and you cannot have more than 40 people in attendance. You must follow Government of Jersey guidelines at all times and read and comply with the information & guides on, and You must ensure you have risk assessed your activity.

NO – Players are not allowed within one metre of anyone outside their household.

NO – However toilet facilities may be opened if access is controlled. Appropriate signage should be in place, a one person at a time policy is recommended and appropriate cleaning should be scheduled regularly. Changing rooms may also be used for first aid emergencies. Showers should not be open & players should arrive already in kit.

YES - However only designated social areas within the clubhouse should be used (bars, lounges etc) and strict social distancing of 1m is required.

The Jersey FA is working closely with the Government of Jersey, Jersey Sport and the FA and we will notify all stakeholders when we have further information.  It is beyond question that additional measures will still be in place even when we reach Level 1.

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