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Help develop Jersey football: JFA launches 2020/21 Local Football Survey

Participants are encouraged to feedback on local football provision in the island through the JFA's annual survey.

Football players, coaches, parents, supporters, volunteers, referees, club and league officials in Jersey have a new opportunity to highlight areas of the game which require more support, and to suggest improvements to the way the game could be run in the island.

The Jersey Football Association has today announced its annual survey for participants to feedback on local football provision.

Have Your Say - Take The Survey (external link)

Nearly 150 people completed last year’s survey, which found that satisfaction with the JFA was higher than average when compared with other “County” FAs. There was also an increase in awareness of the services offered by the JFA, particularly around registering referees and support in setting up/developing clubs.

“We speak to and support so many football participants every week, but this research gives us a formal way of monitoring how we’re doing, and the chance to learn which areas need additional focus moving forward,” said JFA Football Services Manager Jonathan Le Fondre.

“This is an opportunity to really make a difference to football in the island, as we’ll be thoroughly reviewing the feedback and suggestions, and coming up with an action plan on what needs to be done.

“Whatever your role in football, we want to hear from you, and this is your opportunity to have your say and tell us how we’re doing.”

Anyone involved in local football wishing to fill in the survey, which takes just a few minutes to complete, can do so by clicking the button below before the closing date of Sunday 21 February.

Have Your Say - Take The Survey (external link)

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