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Female Friendly Clubs Training - Get Involved Today

Training now available to help provide football opportunities for female players.

Is your club looking to develop and grow female football opportunities?

Do you know what a good environment looks like for female players? 

This interactive workshop is aimed towards both committee members and coaches and will provide you with practical advice to help you create the right environment at your club to grow female participation.

You will develop your existing understanding of off-pitch and on-pitch considerations and discuss real life case study examples to enable you to build your own game plan for your club.

The online workshops are two hours long and will have an additional 30 minutes available for county networking. They are free to access and are split into geographical regions to aid networking opportunities. 

SOUTH Region Workshops

Thursday 2 December 2021 – 18:30-20:30
Tuesday 26 April 2022 – 18:30-20:30

National Sessions

Thursday 9 June 2022 – 18:30-20:30
Tuesday 21 June 2022 – 18:30-20:30


To view The FA’s Female Football Toolkit, click here

For questions or further information, please contact FemaleFriendlyClubs@TheFA.com 

For local support, please contact Lucy Even at lucy.even@jerseyfa.com

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