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Jersey FA Youth Council - Young Leaders

An interview with Jersey FA referee and Youth Council member Amy Tierney.

We spoke to Jersey FA referee and Youth Council member Amy Tierney to find out how she was inspired to become a referee.

What inspired you to become a referee?

The main thing that inspired me to become a referee is my love for football. Much like playing and coaching the game, refereeing has provided me with another opportunity to be involved in football. I wanted to become a referee, because I believe referees carry the ability to have a positive impact within the game. As a referee, you are also able to ensure that football can be played in a safe and fair environment, meaning it can be enjoyed by all involved.

What do you enjoy about refereeing? 

When refereeing, there is so much to enjoy, for example, being able to challenge yourself and develop new skills. I also enjoy having the opportunity to be a role model for young players, especially young girls and demonstrate that there is more to football than just playing the game. 

What kinds of skills do you feel refereeing has helped you to develop?

The two main skills refereeing has helped me to develop is my confidence and communication skills. As soon as I step out onto that pitch, I know I have the responsibility to make quick and accurate decisions. Also, a frequent element of refereeing is being questioned by players, therefore it is important I am able to communicate the reasons behind my decisions clearly and define the outcome with confidence. 

What advice would you give to somebody who is interested in becoming a referee? 

My best piece of advice would be to simply give it a go and enrol on the Jersey FA’s Referee Course. The course is incredibly beneficial, fun, and engaging and is delivered by former Premier League Match Official Trevor Massey. Also, once you have completed the course, you are not left to referee alone, as the Jersey FA Referees’ Committee provide continuous support throughout ones refereeing career by organising courses, mentoring referees, and also providing feedback.