girls football partnership

Barclays Girls’ Football School Partnership

Empowering the future of women and girls’ football.

Our national game brings so much to millions already, but we’re taking it one step further in schools, to show the real power of football, with Barclays Game On.

We are using football as the tool in secondary schools. Our aim is to develop and teach key life skills and demonstrate how they are transferrable outside of school in everyday life.

This is where the programmes extra-curricular elements really shine a light on all the opportunities available to girls to get involved with football. From coaches to marketeers – they run, organise, and deliver sessions for their classmates, not only introducing more girls to football, but also developing themselves for the future.

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Girls Football in Schools

Aims and Objectives

The Barclays investment will give girls the best chance to experience football in the PE curriculum, as well as the opportunity to participate, lead and compete – giving them the equal access to our much-loved national game as most boys currently enjoy.

The Barclays Girls Football School Partnerships is being focused on five areas:

  • More girls being physically active with improved wellbeing
  • Embedding girls’ football in secondary schools
  • The growth in the women’s and girls’ football workforce
  • Making the game more inclusive for all
  • Collaboration with existing local football providers.