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Pre-Centre Phase U11s

Jersey FA Performance Centre

Many of the players who will go on to represent Jersey in the future will begin their journey in the 5-11 age group, through the opportunities provided by primary schools and Minis football run through local clubs.

The Jersey FA Pre-Performance Centre Phase consists of a group of 14 identified players at the u11 age group, with weekly seasons taking place at Springfield on Monday afternoons (4.30pm-5.45pm). We provide an 18-week coaching programme where the players will be introduced to the Centre values, our objectives, our pathway and our playing and coaching philosophies.

Within this Phase we want to develop players who are comfortable on the ball and are able to maintain good possession. A number of practices will also be provided where the players can work at regaining possession, develop their 1v1 and 2v2 defending skills and how to look to set up attacks once possession is regained.

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Jersey FA Performance Centre Manager 

Paul Renton

(9am-5pm Monday-Friday)


Phone: 07797 716090

U11's Pre Centre Phase
Jodie Bryne Link CoE Coach Profile
"The intention of the Pre-Centre Phase is to develop good habits within identified players both on and off the pitch by providing an extra coaching session alongside the excellent work done within primary schools and local clubs."
- Pre-Centre Phase Coach Jody Byrne