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Referee Promotion

Climbing the refereeing ladder

Everyone has ambitions and dreams, and referees are no different! 

For some this ambition will require promotion through the refereeing ranks, with referees in Jersey eligible to climb as high as Level 4i. All promotion candidates are expected to display excellent administration skills, and should ensure they keep the Jersey FA Referees' Committee informed of their games and progress through the season. Details of how to register your interest in promotion are shown below.

Referee Levels

  • Level 0 - Fifa Referee
  • Level 1 - National List Referee
  • Level 2 - Panel Select Referee/Panel Referee
  • Level 3 - Contributory Referee 
  • Level 4 - Supply League Referee (Jersey equivalent is Level 4i)
  • Level 5 - Senior County Referee
  • Level 6 - County Referee
  • Level 7 - Junior Referee
  • Youth
  • Training
  • Developer

Get in touch

Referee Development Co-ordinator

Harry Walker


Phone: 01534 730433

FAQs: Referee Promotion

At the start of the season let the Jersey FA Referees' Committee know that you would like to be considered for promotion.

You can do this by emailing the Referee Appointments Officer Mark Le Cornu - - and the Referee Development Officer Paul Kemp -

There is no application form in Jersey.

Everyone starts off at exactly the same place: as a "Trainee" referee on a Referees Training Course. After refereeing at least five 11-a-side games, attending a two hour "Call Back Evening" and passing the Referees examination, a "Trainee" Referee automatically becomes a Level 7 Referee, unless aged 14 or 15, in which case becomes a "Youth" Referee. On turning 16, a "Youth" referee is automatically promoted to Level 7.

Once a Level 7 referee has refereed at least twenty 11-a-side games, they can apply for promotion to Level 6. Applications should be made in January, Many referees never try to progress from Level 7 to 6 or beyond, continuing perfectly happily at the same status for many years. All referees are however encouraged by the Jersey FA to apply for promotion to Level 6.

To be eligible for promotion you will need to referee 20 qualifying matches and have had 5 assistant appointments.

You will be rated by the teams after each match (via the Matchday App or Full-Time website) and be officially assessed on a number of occasions.

For promotion to Level 4i from Level 5 there is also a fitness test. Promotions to Level 4i require approval by the FA.

In November 2018, the FA Referees' Committee agreed to align the promotion/reclassification periods to reflect the playing season (1July - 30 April) for all match officials operating from Level 2B to Level 7.